What is Click2best.com?

Click2best.com is a newfangled price comparison engine that boosts various products. Through click2best, members can save their significant amount on regular purchases at any point of day from our partner retailers. We round up leading online stores and help you find the suitable products for yourself, compare the prices, crack the best deals while offering an added advantage of reward points.

How can I join click2best.com?

You can join click2best.com by creating an account or syncing it with your gmail or Facebook account. Also, you can buy products without signing up.

What do I need to do if I forget my password or username?

Click on the ‘forgot password’ link during login and follow the steps. An email will be sent to you regarding this information.

Can I change my username?

No, user name cannot be changed. Kindly ensure that you do not select a user name that is offensive or abuses the rights of others.

How many accounts can I have?

Click2best gives access to only one account. You must use a valid personal email address to register yourself on the website.

Does it cost anything to be a member of click2best.com?

You can join now Click2best.com by creating an account. Click2best is free to join and there's no ongoing membership fee.

Do I need to buy products from click2best.com to earn reward points?

No, Click2best.com doesn’t sell any products. We direct you to your favourite online store where you can shop and earn reward points from us.

When can I get reward points?

When a customer buys anything through our website, they are entitled for some reward points. The reward points will be 1% of the purchase amount.

Where do I see my reward points?

Log in to view your account. Here, you can go through the summary of your account, which gives you the detail of the pending reward points, confirmed reward points, redeemed reward points and total reward points earned till date.

What does Pending, Confirmed, Approved, and Cancelled Transactions Mean? / What is the time period for crediting the reward points to my account?

Once your order is tracked by us, we mark it as pending. It takes 72 hours to track the order after the order is complete. As the product is under return/cancellation period after making the order, the reward points will not be credited. The reason being, if you happen to cancel the order, it will be marked as cancelled and you will not get reward points. Once your order is out from the cancellation period, the retailer will inform us and we will mark your transaction as confirmed. This process may take 45 days from the last date of the month you purchased. For example, you bought something on 18th September, it will take 45 days from 30th September to mark your transaction confirmed, i.e. 15th November. After the transaction is confirmed, your order will be marked as approved within 30 days from the confirmation and you can redeem your reward points.

Why my transaction got cancelled?

A transaction is likely to get cancelled on the following grounds:

  • If your order contains more than one item then there are chances that anyone item from your order has been cancelled returned or the order was revised.

  • The purchase was directed to another comparison website due to the cookies available in the browser

  • You didn’t adhere to the terms and conditions on the website or the retailer’s website.

  • Cookies or Javascript were disabled on the browser.

  • An unauthorized voucher code was used during the transaction.

Retailers don’t cater us any specific reason for the same issue. The retailer is responsible for determining the validity of reward points.

Why Should I Choose Click2best.com?

We are the website that brings price comparison, coupons and deals under one roof. In addition, customers get a chance to earn reward points in every purchase. Also, we enable you to set your desired price alert after having a look at the trends across stores by employing price graph.

How to check if my favourite retailers are listed on Click2best.com?

If you are on the lookout for a particular retailer, type its name in the search bar to check if we are partnered with them. Also, you can browse through various categories on the menu and click on the category you are interested.

What to do if I don’t find the retailer/product I am searching? What if I would like to suggest a new one?

Please do not hesitate to Contact us and inform us about your preference in terms of retailers. We shall try our best to get them onboard. Kindly click on our contact us page and drop a message regarding the same.

I made a purchase but haven’t received any reward points. What should I do?

Kindly be patient as we get the information regarding your order in 72 hours from some of the retailers while others take 15 days. If you, however, didn’t receive any mail from our side, please mail us regarding the missing reward points within 10 days from the transaction date.

Any missing reward point claims will not be accepted past the days of transaction. In rare cases, retailers are unable to track a transaction at their end. After getting the details regarding the transaction, we start our follow up with the retailer and try to get your reward points.

We consider the retailer’s decision as final. Some of the retailers do not offer information regarding missing transactions so any reward points in regards to such retailers will be marked as rejected.